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CULTURE CHANGE 101: A Primer for Rookies

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Marsha Poulsen



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FEES:  $120 for one person or $99/person if two or more from the same facility.



What do we mean when we say Culture Change? It’s all about taking the institution out of care and putting home back into residential living.


Although that happens in many small ways, there is an actual movement made up of people who live in, work for and care about nursing homes. They are working hard to create a more satisfying daily life together.


Come learn about the history, changing philosophy and practice of Culture Change in nursing homes. Share your questions, stories and dreams. Everyone will leave with new understandings and purpose!


Learning Objectives
At the conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize and describe the 3 R's of Culture Change in Long-term care
  • Discuss elements of home and how they help us change culture
  • Experience Shared Leadership as powerful principle  of culture change and practice the tools of Team Leadership Model and The Learning Circle.
  • Detail the Reactions to Change that are typical for people

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