After Stroke -- Enhancing Quality of Life


Edited by Wallace Sife, PhD                              Softcover, 281pp

After Stroke: Enhancing Quality of Life brings together an extraordinary selection of advice, practical survivor techniques, information about resources, and personal stories of triumph. It is designed to help those who have experienced a stroke attain the highest quality of life possible, under their new physical restrictions.

Recuperating from a stroke is an arduous process that has only just begun when the survivor is released from the hospital. This book shows anyone interested how to create an effective climate for healing and how to help the survivor realize his/her fullest recovery potential. It offers varied perspectives of everyone involved with a stroke: the patient, the family, and friends as well as the team of specialized physicians, nurses, psychologists, physical therapists, speech pathologists, and diverse therapists.

Through its interesting and varied essays, After Stroke: Enhancing the Quality of Life offers the reader a clearer understanding of the injuries that the body as well as the mind have sustained. This anthology is carefully designed to present enhanced perspectives into all aspects of the healing and recovery processes that follow the personal tragedy of a stroke.



"Tells how to create an effective climate for healing and how to help the survivor realize his fullest recovery potential. A very good tool for those professionals who are setting up Stroke Clubs, whether they are in a rehab unit, sub-acute setting, or long-term care."

Creative Forecasting


"Moving and informative. Spans medical, ethical, and personal issues in practical ways. An extremely useful supplement to traditional, less diverse texts."

Clinical Gerontologist

After Stroke -- Enhancing Quality of Life

ISBN: 9780789003416


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