Bathing Without a Battle (Complete Kit)



About the Kit

This kit combines the popular book Bathing Without a Battle with the DVD and CD-ROM of the same name to offer a comprehensive tool for creating a better bathing experience for elders with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

The Book: Like its popular predecessor, the new edition of Bathing Without a Battle presents an individualized, problem-solving approach to bathing and personal care of individuals with dementia. On the basis of extensive original research and clinical experience, the editors have developed strategies and techniques that work in both institution and home settings. Their approach is also appropriate for caregiving activities other than bathing, such as morning and evening care, and for frail elders not suffering from dementia.

For this second edition, the authors have included historical material on bathing and substantially updated the section on special concerns, including:

  • Pain
  • Skin care
  • Determining the appropriate level of assistance
  • Transfers
  • The environment


An enhanced final section addresses ways to support caregivers by increasing their understanding of the care recipient's needs and their knowledge of interventions to improve care and comfort. It also emphasizes self-care and system-level changes to promote person-directed care. Several chapters include specific insights and wisdom from direct caregivers.

The Video: The video is a valuable learning tool for families who have been affected by Alzheimer's disease and related disorders, as well nursing home personnel. The video is in VHS Format (now also available in DVD!) and lasts approximately 45 minutes. The video provides 1 hour of continuing education credit for nursing assistants. Click on the link below to view our section on receiving continuing education (CEU) credits.

The CD-ROM: The CD-ROM offers instruction and advice on personalized bathing and is useful for all nursing home personnel. The CD-ROM provides 3 hours of continuing education credit for nurses and 2 hours of credit for nursing home administrators and nursing assistants. The CD-ROM has been formatted for use with most Windows systems.

Obtaining CEUs: The CD-ROM provides 3 hours of continuing education credit for nurses and 2 hours of continuing education credit for nursing home administrators and nursing assistants. To obtain CEU credit, watch Module 1 (Introduction) of the CD-ROM. Select the appropriate track for you (administrator, nurse, or nursing assistant). You will then be directed through the other modules of the CD-ROM. At the end of the CD-ROM complete the multiple-choice examination. You must score at least 70% correct to pass. Follow the instructions on the CD-ROM and print out a personalized credit certificate on your printer. Mail the certificate to the registration office whose address will be printed on the certificate. Certificates MUST be mailed to have CEU credits registered. The videotape provides 1 hour of credit for certified nursing assistants. To obtain CEU credit, watch the videotape and then print out the registration form and complete with each participant's name, social security number, and date video was watched, and mail to the registration office.

This kit includes the book, the video and the Windows CD-ROM.

Bathing Without a Battle (Complete Kit)

ISBN: apk002


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