Catalyst Clips Volume 1



About the Kit

This DVD-based training package allows you to inexpensively bring in a variety of outside speakers to share "just the nuggets" you need to get your team focusing inward and acting outward to help your facility on its culture change journey. The video clips are supported with text, activities and handouts making it easy for anyone to conduct training sessions with small or large groups. The CD-ROM allows you to print pages from the workbook to be used as handouts.

Catalyst Clips can be used to:

  • Get the culture change ball rolling
  • Spread new thoughts and practices within the organization
  • Inform new employees of the way your organization operates in person-centered care
  • Train a core team so that it can train others
  • Explore principles and their place in your organization
  • Fulfill in-service requirements
  • Be integrated into existing training to illustrate a desired point
  • Be offered before a learning circle to stimulate a question or issue for discussion


Volume 1 explores the topics of team, leadership and overcoming resistance, all key to the success of any culture change journey. With more than two hours of material, each topic is broken down into smaller sessions so you can use as little or as much training as you have time for on a given day. Clips have been taken from interviews with, and observation of, staff and residents at culture change facilities as well as Action Pact's Choreography of Culture Change training sessions and are bound to inspire.

Catalyst Clips Volume 1

ISBN: apk009


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