Champions for Care



Champions For Care is not a typical workbook with a set of in-services to be directed by a staff developer, but it is uniquely designed and written to be accessible for teams themselves to take charge and plan and direct their own trainings.

The workbook is designed to provide any and all staff members with the skills needed to work as a team, to take on leadership responsibilities, and to work together to create a world where residents receive quality care and employees enjoy a good work life.

It is arranged into 8 short in-services to grow team and leadership skills. They include:

Share the Leadership:

  • Learning Circle
  • Team Meeting Model
  • Attributes of Leadership


  • Building Consensus

Growing People Skills:

  • Observing Behavior
  • Listening Skills
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

Growing Team Skills:

  • Team Evaluation and Skills

This workbook was written and developed for Wellspring by Action Pact, and was funded by the Commonwealth Fund through the University of Minnesota, Department of Healthcare Management. The nationally recognized Wellspring Model, established in 1994, provides long-term care facilities with a proven methodology to imbed the principles of continuous quality improvement into daily business practices. Their dual focus on quality improvement in both clinical care and organizational culture change distinguishes the Wellspring Model from other nursing home quality improvement models.

Champions for Care

ISBN: apw001


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