Changing Places: A Journey with My Parents...


by Judy Kramer                                Hardcover, 256pp



About the Book

Millions of baby boomers are facing one of life's most poignant challenges - they are becoming parents to their parents.

It is a turning point that Mary Pipher illuminated in her New York Times bestseller Another Country - and one that Judy Kramer knows well. Confronted with new emotional and practical challenges when her parents entered a nursing home, she navigated through a maze of medical bills and paperwork, gained valuable insight from visits with doctors and consultations with elder law attorneys, and found love for her parents in new and often surprising places. It was a difficult journey, and a lonely one. In Changing Places, a book based on her popular newspaper column, she shares what she learned along the way.

Changing Places: A Journey with My Parents...

ISBN: 9781573221634


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