Culture Change Now! Volume 2


Culture Change Now! magazine is our way of spreading the word about culture change, using articles and stories to interest and entertain our readers while educating them about each step in the process, and about the movement as a whole. We call it a magazine because it has the feel of journalism tempered with storytelling, but it is entirely unlike the average newsstand publication. Printed on durable, high-quality paper, each issue is built to last and will stand up to years of reading and sharing by folks throughout your facility or organization. Because we don't sell subscriptions or advertising, the price tag is a bit higher than your average copy of "Field & Stream", but we think it's worth it and we're sure you will too.

Articles in Volume 2 include:

  • Culture Change Movement Sets Off 'Chain' Reaction in Upper Midwest
  • The Four Stages of Culture Change in Long-Term Care
  • The Road to High Involvement
  • PersonFirst® Dementia Care Model Elevates Residents, Workers, Morale
  • The Study Phase: Starting on the Right Foot
  • "Green Houses" Incubating the Future of Long-Term Care

Note: Volume 1 and 2 have been out of print for some time, but we recently found a box of them in storage.  They'll only be available while our supply lasts, so get them while you can!

Culture Change Now! Volume 2

ISBN: apm102


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