Alarms: The New Deficient Practice? Eliminating Alarms and Reducing Falls by Engaging With Life



For anyone working in nursing homes, the idea of using physical restraints is distasteful and repugnant.  Yet their use was commonplace only 15-20 years ago.  The push to eliminate restraint usage was initially met with a lot of resistance, even among caregivers, because they were viewed as a safety net for preventing falls.
Fast forward to today, as a movement is underway to eliminate another institutional relic: personal alarms.  What an affront to any person's dignity, to be fitted with an alarm that goes off any time they try to get up or move around.  Yet these devices are in use in almost every nursing home in the country.  And just like restraints twenty years ago, staff are reluctant to consider eliminating alarms because of the idea that they prevent falls.
This groundbreaking workbook dispels that notion, and shows how in many cases alarms can actually contribute to falls rather than prevent them.  Follow the journey of Oakview Terrace, a nursing home which removed all personal alarms in 2007, and in the process actually decreased fall rates and pressure ulcers while increasing quality of life.  Learn how to work within the regulations to remove these intrusive and institutional devices from your home, creating a more peaceful and natural living environment.  Your residents will thank you .. and so will your staff!
Spiral-bound, 111 pages

About the authors:

Theresa Laufman, RN,  is Co-Director of Nursing at Oakview Terrace, a skilled nursing facility in Freeman, South Dakota.

Carmen Bowman, MHS, is a consultant, trainer, author and owner of Edu-Catering: Catering Education for Compliance and Culture Change, turning her former role of regulator into educator.

Alarms: The New Deficient Practice? Eliminating Alarms and Reducing Falls by Engaging With Life

ISBN: apw-017-1


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