Filling Caleb's Basket



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Developed by Action Pact to enhance understanding of the principles presented in the book and DVD, this workshop helps relate those principles to the practicality of activities in the daily lives of the elders in long term care.

The book Caleb's Basket is a story by Dr. Bill Thomas, founder of the Eden Alternative, about the secrets of living a fulfilled life. Through this simple story of a basket of stones, he reveals that a meaningful life is not one filled with monumentous events only, or even one including pleasant daily activities, but rather one that also embraces the importance of spontaneous events. And flowing through all these events and also of great importance to the meaningful life, are the loving relationships we have with others. This picture storybook was written by Bill and illustrated with the beautiful artwork of Christine Krugh, Eden Mentor in Washington.

The DVD, produced by Action Pact, is Bill's explanation of Caleb's basket, and is also sold as Volume Six of the Ten Volume DVD set The Ten Principles of Eden.

The 4-hour/2-hour workshop was developed by LaVrene Norton of Action Pact to increase awareness and understanding of integrating activities into the daily life of the resident.

This training packet makes a great tool for facilities or for consultants to use. The workshop can be held in a public format with different facilities coming together to discuss and learn about activities, or it can be used in a single facility. LaVrene often uses the workshop in a trainer-training format, teaching the workshop to Activities Departments and then having them take it to teach others in their facility.

This kit includes the book, the DVD and an inservice workshop adaptable to a 2-hour or 4-hour format.

Filling Caleb's Basket

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