I Was Thinking (Kit)


By Diana Waugh, RN, BSN, CDP-Certified Dementia Practitioner

-Although the items in this kit are intended for families and loved ones, many facilities have found great value in purchasing this resource and providing it to those who need it.



I WAS THINKING... is a workbook that helps people better communicate with their loved ones suffering from cognitive loss. It is a guide that can lead to happy, calm conversations.  The information discussed in this book may be new and different from what you have heard before.  This book truly has the potential of reconnecting you with a loved one you may have felt was lost to you because of cognitive loss.



I'M STILL IN HERE - Come Find Me

My Todays are a Blur but My Yesterdays are My Strength

This DVD of Diana presenting to families, is based on the valuable information contained in her book.  Presented in a warm, friendly, caring manner with just the right amount of humor, this DVD provides the reasons behind the need to plan conversation starters that lead to a calm, contented experience for both you and your loved one.  Here’s your opportunity to have Diana’s help at your fingertips in the comfort of your own home!


Typical review:

"Very practical yet thought provoking narrative and direction on positive communication with those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. Diana is a knowledgeable author. Enjoyed it and doesn't take long to read and put into use. Highly recommend for family or loved ones of dementia. I offered to family of elders at a retirement community."

Matthew T.

I Was Thinking (Kit)


Format: Paper

ISBN: 978-1435710511


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