In Pursuit of the Sunbeam


"The sunbeam," the right to home, has eluded the frail elders of this country for too long. It is time for a change. In Pursuit of the Sunbeam is a guide for individuals and organizations looking to embrace the true home of the resident-directed Household Model. Based on James O. Prochaska's stages of change, the Norton and Shields Change Matrix plots the transformational journey from beginning awareness of the need for change on a personal level through physical and organizational reconstruction into households licensed as skilled nursing facilities.

The authors share their experiences with nursing home transformation in the form of organizational strategies, change theory, practical development practices, leadership behaviors and inspirational storytelling. This book is the quintessential "How-To" of the Household Model - the future of long-term care.

Steve Shields, CEO of Action Pact Development, is a passionate advocate for transformation in long-term care. In his former position as President and CEO of Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community in Manhattan, KS, this passion was instrumental as he led Meadowlark Hills to become the premier household model community in the country. Steve is the only development and start-up consultant within the resident-directed framework who has lived as an operator, a developer, an educator and a consultant.  A sought-after keynote speaker and workshop presenter, Steve has also co-authored "The Household Model Business Case," a definitive work establishing viability of this model in long-term care. 

LaVrene Norton is Executive Leader and Principal of Action Pact, specializing in the Household Model. She is recognized as the nation's foremost organizational change facilitator in long-term care. Norton pioneered the Household Model and has guided hundreds of organizations through deep change in the US, Canada and Australia. She is editor and publisher of Culture Change Now, a magazine dedicated to promoting change strategies in elder services.

In Pursuit of the Sunbeam

Softcover 208pp

by Steve Shields and LaVrene Norton

ISBN: 978-0-9793682-0-2


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