Journal to the Self: Twenty-two Paths to Personal Growth


by Kathleen Adams                                          Softcover, 239pp


About the Book

For generations people have kept diaries, but only now are psychologists recognizing the extraordinary transformative powers of journal writing. In this remarkable book, featuring actual diary entries, a nationally known expert in journal therapy gives you specific techniques for keeping your own journal and using it to:

  • Work through problems
  • Heal relationships
  • Access your subconscious
  • Interpret dreams
  • Discover your subpersonalities
  • Recover from grief
  • Overcome childhood wounds

...and more. With specific chpaters designed to achieve specific results,Journal to the Self shows you how to overcome "diary block," how your daily writing can help you do better in your career, 19 ways to write for under 15 minutes each, how to use your past entries to solve today's problems, and how to cross-reference your journal for instant access. For the first time, here is a step-by-step guide to creating a powerful tool for better living - and a simple, rewarding way to achieve greater self-awareness.

Journal to the Self: Twenty-two Paths to Personal Growth

ISBN: 9780446-390385


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