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Perhaps the most consequential, profound and essentially basic change to be made in nursing home culture is in the area of dining. From sharing recipes, to resident refrigerator rights, to household kitchens open 24/7, organizations across the country have been using dining innovations to bring choice to residents and make the kitchen the heart of their home. More than twenty facilities from California to Maryland are represented in this comprehensive look into methods of transforming the dining experience.

The DVD focuses on increasing resident choice, accessibility and pleasure in dining across all four stages of nursing home transformation. Even if you are just beginning to dip your toes into culture change, the dining process is a great place to start. Small changes can have a big impact on your residents' autonomy and quality of life.

This 24 page, full-color magazine-style publication is perfect for introducing staff, families, residents or anyone to the concepts of dining in the transforming home. Using stories, photos and even recipes, this collection of articles highlights the dining achievements of nursing homes across the country while sharing practical information about bringing similar changes to your own organization.

* Kit includes DVD and 3 booklets

** Deluxe Kit includes the above plus "Life Happens in the Kitchen" workbook

Nourish the Body and Soul Kits

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