Old Age in a New Age


Baby Boomers have demanded that nursing homes change, that they no longer be a place of last resort, just a warehouse for those who are old and disabled. Instead, visionary advocates and practitioners are transforming both the culture of nursing homes and the way we view aging.

In Old Age in a New Age, award-winning journalist Beth Baker takes readers on a journey ito some of the best places in America for elders to live. In these remarkable nursing homes, residents have a say in their everyday lives, enjoy an environment that looks and feels like an ordinary home, live with dignity and purpose, and find comfort in close relationships with caregivers.

Baker's visits to more than two dozen facilities include those associated with the Eden Alternative, Green House, Kendal and the Pioneer Network - where she made some surprising discoveries:

  • Better care doesn't have to cost more
  • Staff can be valued partners, not high-turnover, expendable cogs
  • Children, pets and gardens can be a part of daily life
  • Dementia symptoms are reduced in a home-like environment

Old Age in a New Age

Softcover 248pp

by Beth Baker

ISBN: 0826515630


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