Soften the Assessment Process



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Moving into a nursing home can be the most traumatic event in a person's life, and the countless forms and questions of the assessment process can add to an already stressful situation. There are better ways to welcome residents and give them hope for their new life in our home while getting to know them and fulfilling assessment requirements. This video and workbook package will show you how.

Carmen Bowman and Christine Krugh, both with extensive nursing home and culture change experience, present new ways to soften the assessment process to a group of nursing home staff from various disciplines. The video then follows staff members as they take what they've learned, put it to use with a new resident and share their experience with their coworkers. Principles and specific techniques are demonstrated in practical situations to give viewers inspiration for immediate action. The workbook further breaks down the softening techniques for practical use in your home. Trade in the institutional and invasive assessment practices for a softer, more person-centered way today!

Create a more pleasurable experience for residents and staff, get better and more complete information and begin to build relationships and trust for future interactions.

Soften the Assessment Process

ISBN: apk010


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