Storytelling, Storylistening



This is a great tool for neighborhood and household coordinators, for activities professionals, for caregivers or any staff, for volunteers and families trying to make a difference in the lives of elders.

Written by Keith Schaeffer, senior writer at Action Pact, who has worked as a writer and organizer on human rights and social justice issues since 1978. A strong storyteller in his own work and a true listener in his personal style, he presents the reader with the challenge of creating an environment for stories: the stuff of life in relationships!

Topics include how to talk with elders, listening as the silent half of reminiscing and storytelling, community learning circles, use of great resources like TimeSlips, Reminiscence Boxes, photographs, timelines, computer and webpages, poetry, and ethical wills.

Seven great activities are included in this work.

Storytelling, Storylistening

ISBN: apw009


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