The Dawn of Transformation



The time is now! Long-term care is changing. The look (and loneliness) of the 'hotel' is being abandoned by Assisted Living for the warmth and enjoyment of neighborhood and home. The environment of hospital in nursing homes, not only unappealing in look but devastating in emotional impact, is being replaced by smaller, warmer, friendlier environments.

Where are you and your organization in this journey? This workbook by LaVrene Norton and Steve Shields can help you pinpoint and plan. It doesn't matter where you start, there's more to do. And the journey, like any great adventure, will immediately bring its own rewards.

This is the workbook that inspired the authors' new book In Pursuit of the Sunbeam. It can be used alone or as a companion to that book.

It includes worksheets, resources, exercises and discussion topics, and is designed with the professional trainer and consultant in mind, as well as enthusiastic folks in any assisted living or skilled care facility - staff development, Administrator, DON, Steering Team, or small household or neighborhood team. Once you have purchased it for your organization, you have our permission to duplicate the handout pages to use in your work at this facility only. If you're a trainer or consultant, you may find it of value to purchase our multi-participant pack, printed in black and white on lower quality paper, but with all the same great exercises and worksheets inside.

The Dawn of Transformation

ISBN: apw007


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