The Ten Principles of Eden



Now! A powerful teaching tool for Eden Alternative Education! This ten video set includes a separate teaching video for each of the Ten Eden Alternative Principles. These principles form the foundation through which a long-term care home can begin to change the culture of their organization to provide a more energized caregiving staff and a better quality of life for the residents who live there.

Each video features Dr. William H. Thomas, the founder of the Eden Alternative. Using stories, real-life examples, and clear, simple explanations Dr. Thomas brings a clear understanding of each principle and how it applies to a long-term care setting. This series can provide insights and generate interest with any group. They can be particularly helpful with staff in-services, family or resident councils, community groups, and so on.

"We purchased this teaching set last year and it has proved invaluable in our Edenizing effort. The tapes are excellent - we use them continually as new staff and other individuals become part of our community. They are clear and easy to understand, and also very entertaining. They have been a source of growth for my Eden Associates who wanted to help educate others about what they had learned, but may not have a lot of experience at teaching or public speaking. I would recommend these tapes for any Edenizing home."

- Sandra Place, Administrator & Certified Eden Associate,
Lakeland Continuing Care Center, St. Joseph, MN

The Ten Principles of Eden

ISBN: apv004


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