Vibrant Living



It’s big, beautiful and packed with stories, pictures and ideas about energizing daily life in neighborhoods and households. Vibrant Living was written by Carmen Bowman and LaVrene Norton as a how-to guide, but it is also a scrapbook of photos and stories from organizations across the country highlighting the vibrant living that goes on in their homes. From ethnic celebrations to coffee klatch, from tree climbing to a quiet afternoon curled up on the couch, organizations are finding ways to make it possible for elders to live lives full of interest, value, meaning and spontaneity. You'll be inspired to create more vibrant living in your own home with the hundreds of ideas offered in this book.

To create the scrapbook, we asked culture change nursing homes to submit their photos of vibrant living. We thank them all for their contributions and congratulate Providence Mount St Vincent on winning our cover photo contest. A special thanks also goes out to Perham Memorial Hospital and Home where Carmen spent a week witnessing their vibrant living and getting inspired for this project.

The book is a companion to the “Creating the Climate for Vibrant Living” workshop.

Vibrant Living

ISBN: apb003


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