“What’s next?” That’s the question I found myself asking at a large culture change conference several years ago. As a team member from a facility who had been on the “culture change journey” for several years, I wondered what I could take away from this or any conference to enhance the care we give our elders day by day.

We had mastered the nuts and bolts. We understood the structure of resident centered care as an organization. What would be our next step – to continue to grow?

I believed then, as I do now, that when you have the basics in place as a team, the next step is to deepen the understanding and commitment of the individuals on the team.

Thus, VITAE was born.

VITAE intends to help each participant reach into themselves and find a deeper, more personal understanding of caring for an elder in their own home as they would want to be cared for. VITAE is about thinking outside the box, experiencing greater depth, and growing as a team.

I offer this program especially for those who have been on the journey for a little while now. And I look forward to our future together.

  Beth Gerlach, RN

  Clinical Care Coordinator

  Garden Spot Village

  New Holland, PA

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Both Leader's Guide and Participant Workbook available.



Softcover 14 pp Leader; Participant: 23pp

by Beth Gerlach

ISBN: apw-018


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