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Maximizing the Cost-Effectiveness of Person-Centered Care

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Sessions begin at 8:30 AM and end at 3:30 PM.

While OBRA required that resident care be individualized, the new regulations add emphasis and challenging new expectations for compliance.  The new regulations define person-centered care (“Person-centered care means to focus on the resident as the locus of control and support the resident in making their own choices and having control over their daily lives.”  42 C.F.R. § 483.5) and require that facilities learn more about who the resident is as a person, provide greater support for resident preferences, and give residents increased control and choice.  


  • HOW can we HONOR person-centered care?  Know your residents first and foremost by who they are as whole persons, with their quality of life equal to their quality of care.  Know their daily pleasures.  Know the rhythm of their day.  Know their definition of “a good day”.  Then make it happen for each one of them, including those living with frailty and dementia.  Learn more about how to know your residents in this new way and how to make “a good day” for each of them in this interactive workshop.


  • HOW can we AFFORD person-centered care?  Person-centered care is not an option, it’s a central theme of the new regulations. Explore the foundational roles of leadership, organizational design (including staffing and self-led teams) and creating a culture of true “home.” All are essential elements of realizing person-centered care.  Leave the workshop with an operational approach to assess your organization’s (or even your Team’s) potential to maximize the cost-effectiveness of household life through individualized resident-directed care planning • appropriate staffing in self-led team • cross training and versatile work • eliminating waste • inventory control • maximizing the contribution of volunteers with extended family and community involvement.  Learn how putting relationship over task and eliminating “it’s not my job” mentality and “we/they” thinking can lead to honoring resident-directed life at home with both cost reduction and survey compliance.

By the end of the day, participants will be able to:

  • Define “a good day” for each of your residents from the perspective of their daily pleasures and rhythm of their day
  • Discuss the foundational roles of leadership, organizational design and creating a culture of true home as essential elements of person-centered care
  • Understand the importance of resident-directed care planning as a guide to person-centered care
  • Identify at least twenty opportunities to increase the cost effectiveness of delivering resident-directed care
  • Describe your next steps to a maximizing the cost effectiveness of resident-directed life in your home

This program has been approved for Continuing Education for 6 total participant hours
by NAB/NCERS—Approval #20200707-6-A56605-IN

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