One-Day Workshops

Every change needs a catalyst. Action Pact workshops will get you excited about the possibilities for better daily life for elders in long-term care. Packed full of information, ideas, exercises and practical planning, each workshop focuses on a specific aspect of culture change and how you can get started right away.


Action Pact offers dynamic 1-day workshops on a variety of topics to inject your efforts with new ideas, energy, practical information and strategies.


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Maximizing the Cost-Effectiveness of Person-Centered Care

Learn strategies for Honoring person-centered care while maximizing cost-efficiency. Invaluable!

Illuminating Dementia

A Train-the-Trainer program, Illuminating Dementia focuses on the basics of dementia, actions and reactions, and dealing with special situations – all within a person-directed culture framework.

Neighborhood Cafe

Come experience a day of interactive learning and identifying opportunities to convert our current dining rooms into “neighborhood cafes”.

Critical Thinking Skills

This class is ideal for front line leaders, and for formal leaders who want to develop and promote critical thinking in their teams. The course focuses on the key components of critical thinking: Analysis, Judgement, Decision-Making.

CULTURE CHANGE 101: A Primer for Rookies

Learn about the history, changing philosophy and practice of Culture Change in nursing homes. Share your questions, stories and dreams. Everyone will leave with new understandings and purpose!

SURVEY SUCCESS: The Household Model Advantage

Participants will take an in-depth look at the positive impact the household model of care can have on residents and how this impacts survey outcomes.

CONFLICT: Fuel of Change

Learn how to recognize, embrace and manage conflict to grow and catalyze positive change in your teams.

Short Stay Households

Understanding the similarities and differences in designing and operating a short-stay household will allow you to create a quality experience for guests.

Human Resources in a Culture Change Environment

Building a culture of Associate/Employee engagement is critical for building a stable and happy workplace.

Culture Change is QAPI

“QAPI is the coordinated application of two mutually-reinforcing aspects of a quality management system: Quality Assurance (QA) and Performance Improvement (PI). QAPI takes a systematic, comprehensive, and data-driven approach to maintaining and improving safety and quality in nursing homes while involving all nursing home caregivers in practical and creative problem solving.” —from QAPI description on

The Recipe for Self-Led Teams

This interactive, experiential learning session will set you on the path to cooking up self-led team(s) in your environment.

The Benefits of Household Dining: Maximizing Choice and Relationships in this Pleasure of Daily Life

Have we already done as much as we can to make dining more resident directed?  Why must we continue to move our systems forward in honoring resident choice in dining and in creating relationship-based dining service systems?  There are many reasons…

Vibrant Living for Men

Explore options for helping men to live more vibrant and satisfying lives

From Good Sleep to Wellness

There are multiple causes of sleep disruption among the elders in our care; we do not want our routines and practices to be one of them.

Eliminating Alarms and Preventing Falls by Engaging with Life

The elimination of alarms has actually reduced falls in homes that have done so. You’ll hear these stories and learn why life is better—and safer—without alarms. This is supported by regulations and research, as well. Benefit from the proven techniques of others, and engage your own creativity.

The Nurse’s Guide to Person-Centered Care

An educational offering for nurses who believe that residents should be able to continue to direct their own lives while living in a nursing home

Assessing the Affordability of the Household Model

This workshop is designed to teach the leaders of organizations how to navigate and interpret their unique variables.

The New Face of Leadership

Attend “The New Face of Leadership” and begin the true journey of growth and learning for your organization.  Reshape workplace opportunities for caregivers, housekeepers, activities aides, restorative aides, dining and kitchen staff.

Food for Thought - The Deep Seated Issue of Choice

A multitude of strategies for improving the dining experience in your nursing home, no matter your stage in the culture change journey.

Honoring Personhood

Build a foundation for person-centered care with approaches for honoring the personhood of elders and staff in your organization.

Creating the Climate for Vibrant Living

Energize your household with new ideas for engaging, spontaneous daily life.

A Tale of Transformation

Learn the stages of culture change from institution to home and to identify your organization’s stage in the process.

Unlocking the Life Within: the Key to Elder Wellness

Examine and develop skills for helping elders move beyond surviving to thriving.


Conversations with Carmen: Upcoming events

Join Carmen Bowman for a monthly “talk show” with featured guests on a variety of culture change topics and be part of the conversation.

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