Deep change requires deep learning. The Household Model, in particular, requires completely new ways of looking at the operational systems in a nursing home; clinical care, leadership, teams, choice, dining and much more. Action Pact intensives are expert-led and facilitated, multi-day workshops that will help you grow the skills needed for your organization’s transformation and learn how to share them with others.  No sitting back to listen to someone talk for days here. High involvement, essential for an organization’s transformation, is the name of the game at intensives too. Be prepared for an engaging, interactive learning experience.

Fundamentals of Household Leadership

This workshop details the life that is within our power to create. A life that fosters daily life as we all know it. It focuses the participants on the role that they can play to create this environment and on the skills that they need to lead, coach, guide and problem-solve. This course is less in-depth and shorter than our Household Leader Intensive.

The Choreography of Culture Change

As you open up to deep self-awareness and grow with others, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to think through organizational change, and the skills necessary to design and facilitate change processes.

Life Happens in the Kitchen

The heart of any home is the kitchen and the same holds true for the Household Model.  Explore the possibilities for designing and developing dining practices built on choice and home experience in your organization.

Nurse Leader Intensive

This workshop provides nurse leaders with the knowledge and tools to think creatively and assume an active role in leading their organizations through the major change of implementing the Household Model.

Household Leader 101

The Household Model requires a new type of leadership and operation. Learn to grow those skills in yourself and others. Target audience is both leaders in the organization who educate/coach Household Coordinators, Homemakers and other staff, as well as the household leaders.

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