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Action Pact consultants pair extensive and first-hand knowledge of nursing home operation and transformation with resources and facilitation skills to help move your organization along its culture change journey. From getting the ball rolling, to moving into households, our consultants offer customized guidance, training and a road map for involving everyone in your organization in the transformation to home.


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Transformation to Households

The physical reconfiguration of households must be supported by strong, healthy household teams, elder-directed daily life, organizational redesign and transformational leadership. Action Pact’s Household Model training and consulting works the organization through the model’s many facets, involving everyone in creating and sustaining the profound change.

The 18- to 24-month process includes:
(To be added on top of Changing Culture to Neighborhoods trainings)
10 days of educational sessions and operational redesign consulting on:

  1.     Teams renovating into home
  2.     Holistic view- encouraging meaning and purpose through a new Quality of Life team approach
  3.     Reframing the organization to move decisions back to the elders
  4.     People skills for households
  5.     Household leader training

This option includes: one tuition for workshops: Household Leader Training for Mentor, and Nurse Leader Training for nursing executive.


Changing Culture to Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods can be a destination or a transition stage on your way to households.
Action Pact offers resources and trainings to help develop neighborhood teams, offer more resident choice, grow leadership and high involvement throughout the organization, share decision making, create home, build community and make dining more pleasurable along with a host of other skills necessary to bring about and sustain culture change.

15 days of educational sessions and consulting centered on PersonFirst® training plus 4 key two-day visits (topic 1-4 below)

  1.     Leadership – Challenges of leadership Introduction to culture change (2 days)
  2.     Homeless to home – leading through change to create home (2 days)
  3.     Through New Eyes - studying changes in process and systems (2 days)
  4.     Creating the self-led teams (2 days)
  5.     PersonFirst® renewing our commitment through new skills (7 days)

This option includes one tuition for Choreography of Culture Change and one tuition for Life Happens in the Kitchen.


Organizational Assessment

You’re ready for change, but where and how to start? An Action Pact consultant can offer a fresh and knowledgeable look at your organization; what you’re already doing well, opportunities for growth and some good places to begin your work.

The assessment provides 40 – 80 hours of on-site observation, interviews and a review of documents, resulting in a deep discussion of appropriate possibilities and an extensive report that can be used to guide your culture change journey - with or without physical renovations; with or without Action Pact consult and training on organizational and cultural transformation. Report is 15 + pages of detailed observation, interpretation, recommendations. Ask for references to explore the value of this process and report.

Culture Change Immersion

Involve everyone immediately in your culture change commitment. Work out a schedule that allows every single employee (and interested families and residents) to participate in a 4- to 6-hour workshop over a 2- to 3-day time period. The results are powerful:


  1. Everyone feels rewarded and attended to;
  2. Everyone comes away with the same understanding of why the Eden Alternative is worth all the trouble;
  3. Real issues and concerns are brought out and discussed;
  4. New team skills are learned that benefit the facility immediately; and
  5. Excitement is channeled into real possibilities.


This course is a Trainer Training program that licenses your organization.  Action Pact grows and certifies 25 folks in your organization to have a special expertise in PersonFirst®, that is, in putting the person first.  It is of value in relationships with all residents but is of particular impact in relationships with people living with cognitive loss.

The students in this course become the trainers.  As PersonFirst® trainers they will, in the future, train 100% of your existing staff, as well as all new staff who come on board. They will also educate as many Independent Living residents and friends and family members of nursing home residents who are interested.

The method focuses on how to help the nursing home resident feel good about oneself, to be in the moment, to talk and relate, and to have a lovely time. This results in the nursing home resident being in a good place, and equally important, the visitor, friend or caregiver being in a good place as well. 

Your team of 25 Trainers and Community Builders work together after being certified by Action Pact to establish Action Plans that promote this new way.  (Community Builders are those who take the course but then decide that they prefer to nurture PersonFirst® practices through hands-on role-modeling rather than teaching others.)


The result: many more people feeling comfortable relating to residents living with dementia, talking to all nursing home residents more easily, and being willing to gather nursing home residents in small community circles to carry on pleasant conversation. 


Megan Hannan, MS, senior consultant with Action Pact, is the designer of this enriching program of relationship building. In the 12 years that Action Pact has provided this signature training, organizations around the country have expressed their love of this experience, as they have found it truly life changing.


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