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Action Pact’s senior consultant Linda Bump, MPH, RD, helped draft the “New Dining Practice Standards”  put out by the Food and Dining Clinical Standards Task Force. The work of the task force was sponsored by The Pioneer Network and The Rothschild Foundation. This work sprung from the 2010 national symposia “Creating Home II:  Dining,” which was co-sponsored by CMS and the Pioneer Network to address the challenges of honoring resident rights and choice in dining, consistent with OBRA 1987.

Linda Bump also contributed a white paper, The Deep Seated Issue of Choice,” as a background paper for the 2010 symposia.
Read the full paper here.

Other articles of interest:
The New Dining Practice Standards, drafted & edited by Carmen Bowman
Dining at Home, an Action Pact collaboration
Person-Centerd Care Planning - Honoring Choice While Mitigating RiskBy: Margaret Calkins Karen Schoeneman Jennifer Brush Robert Mayer; Second Edition - The Mayer-Rothschild Foundation, 2017
Care Planning for Resident Choice - a Process, Rothschild Person-Centered Care Planning Task Force
Old Age in a New Age: An interview with author Beth Baker
Development of the Artifacts of Culture Change Tool by Karen Schoeneman and Carmen Bowman
A Stage Model of Culture Change in Nursing Homes by Leslie Grant, PhD and LaVrene Norton, MSW

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