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The Piper Assisted Living and Memory Care is a different kind of assisted living option that answers the call of personal independence. We believe that every life deserves to be celebrated in its entirety, and that individuals should be free to live their lives in their own time and their own way. At The Piper, residents always come first. We provide a transformational living environment that honors individuality and respects choice, in a setting that is home to those who live here.


The Piper was developed and built by Assisted Living Associates, a partnership between PAR Development, Clarkson Construction Company and Action Pact.


Action Pact pioneered the Household Model, the innovative design philosophy that is at the heart of The Piper, embodying personal choice and self-direction in a homey setting. Action Pact has a long history of providing services in the senior living sector from design and development to financial modeling and operations to organizational transformation and consulting. The company is known internationally for its innovative work in transforming assisted living and nursing facilities from institutions into warm, nurturing homes.



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