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Action Pact can see you through every step of transforming an institution into true home. In most nursing homes, a very important element has been forgotten: home. And with it, the importance of meaning, value, joy and comfort in elders’ lives. We know you believe elders deserve better. So do we.

Action Pact is a unique culture change company.  Recognized for developing and promoting the Household Model, Action Pact provides full services that enable residential senior environments including institutional nursing homes to transform into warm and pleasant households.  Action Pact’s expertise and scope of service include: pre-feasibility analysis (integrated financial, design and programming); full design and development; and consultation and training to transform the organization’s culture, structure, and household operations. The result: Aging and frail seniors enjoy all that home offers, direct their own lives, experience daily pleasures and continue to live with meaning and purpose.  Read more...

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